Pride Planning Meeting

Pride 2017 Planning // Environmental Center // 16 NW Kansas, Bend, OR // 6-7:30

Do you want to help make Central Oregon Pride 2017 the best Pride ever? HDC is looking for a core group of dedicated volunteers! At this meeting we will be discussing ideas, plans and volunteer needs for the planning of Pride at Drake Park on June 24th, 2017. Please come join us if you want to take an active role as a volunteer this year or if you have ideas or skills to offer in planning.

Everyone is welcome to join the Pride Planning Committee at 6 pm.

– Megan Stackhouse, Pride Director for HDC

Proud to Announce Queer Youth Facilitator!

We are greatly proud to announce our second youth facilitator for Queer Youth Space (3rd Tuesday of Every month at Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe) As a member of the community, Kit has taken the initiative to be an advocate for youth and support system.

1Kit was born and (mostly) raised in Bend, Oregon. After high school they moved to Italy, and eventually returned to Bend to pursue a degree in Paramedicine. Kit works as an EMT for a local fire department and is a full time Paramedic student at COCC. During their free time they act at local community theatres, climb tall things, and contemplate why coffee is so much better than tea. As an unapologetic advocate and activist, they’re very pleased to be part of the Queer Youth Space family.

Together with Liam Bennet, they plan to improve the community.

Proud to Announce our Queer Youth Space Facilitator!

Proud to Announce one of our wonderful facilitators for Queer Youth Space! Third Tuesday from 5-7 each month at Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe!

Liam was born and raised in Bend, Oregon. Upon graduating high school he had moved to Seattle. There he spent three years enjoying life, but eventually decidprofileed to move back to Bend to pursue an education. Now a full-time student in the Nursing Program at COCC, he gives back to the community in every way he can. While he’s not in school, Liam works for a federally contracted wildland fire catering company during the summer seasons. During the summer months he is on call and can be deployed to aid in catastrophic fires any where in the US. In his youth, Liam attended Queer Youth Space and is so eager to return to it. It was invaluable for his development. He is honored to give back by making a safe space for those in middle and high school who may not have it any where else.

Congratulations to our new Pride Director!

Mark your Calendars – Pride is on June 24th, 2017! Glad to have you on the team Megan!
A Central Oregon native, Megan Stackhouse has been a long time advocate and activist for human rights. She graduated from Bend Senior High and earned her bachelors in Sociology at the University of Oregon. She loves camping, dancing, swimming, art and spending time with her cats. As a queer woman she has been a volunteer for Human Dignity Coalition for more than ten years and has helped to put on Central Oregon Pride for many years. She not only brings experience, but passion to the position of Central Oregon Pride Director in 2017.


Become a Monthly Donor

Looking for a way to give back to the GLBTQ community in Central Oregon? Become a monthly donor! With just a donation of $10, $25, or $30 dollars a month we can continue to support great programs such as Queer Youth Space, Trans Support Groups, and raising funding for Pride 2017!  Visit our Facebook Page and message us to learn how to set it up!



Queer Youth Space Returns!

With great excitement Human Dignity Coalition will be hosting QYS once more!  A safe space for students to have a social area safe zone that with two outstanding volunteers to chaperone the social hour.

Student aged person from 13-20 are invited to attend the event on the Third Tuesday of Each month, starting January 17th 2017.

The event will be permanently held at Dudley’s Book Cafe will hold the event open from 5 PM – 7 PM.