Queer Youth Space and GSA Support

The Human Dignity Coalition sponsors Queer Youth Space (QYS) as well as support for area GSA clubs at local schools.

Chaperoned by adult facilitators, QYS will be held at The Drop (1340 Wall Street in Bend) from 5 PM- 7 PM on the Third Tuesday of each month. There will be two groups that focus on elementary, to middle and highschool age.

To connect with QYS, find the group on Facebook or email us at qys@humandignitycoalition.org for more information.



4 thoughts on “Queer Youth Space and GSA Support

  1. Kelley says:

    What support is there in Central Oregon for teens who don’t feel safe coming out to their families? They are minors. Some are very isolated in rural areas, along way from Redmond or Bend. Some of them are my students.

    What kinds of supports are out there for them?

    • hdcadmin says:

      Hi Kelley,

      Having grown up in Central Oregon as a queer youth I understand it is difficult for many students. The isolation and fear can way heavy on their hearts. In some of the high schools there are strong GSA programs. You’re welcome to email me at humandignitycoalition@gmail.com to see if your school has an active GSA.

      Another great resource is PFLAG. http://www.pflagcentralor.4t.com/

      The HDC will be working on creating a new Queer Youth Space in Bend, that hopefully your students feel able to attend. We will post the updates on both FB and our website when the program is up and running.

    • Shawna k dicintio says:

      Hi Kelley I live in Madras- I am a proud vocal mom too two LGBTQ youth- My children both born in Madras and mostly raised here. We did leave briefly however have returned and bought a home. Along the way of parenting and discovering what being a parent to LGBTQ children means, I have gain skills, connected with some amazing people, and have experienced and seen the first hand struggles, realization of what it means to be a parent of LGBTQ youth in an education environment, community and home. My children are also strong advocates for their community. I am speaking with individuals such as “Let’s talk Diversity” located in madras and have attempted to talk to school counselors and I will of course continue to do so. LGBTQYOUTH are very silent in Central Oregon they have been forced too be- I would like to find a way to help them find their voices – and I am currently speaking to other about that. Alot of resources right now are out of bend. However I am trying to see how I can bring something a bit closer. If I can help in anyway please reach out to me. Two heads are better then one.

      • hdcadmin says:

        Great Input Shawna. I know you are working closely with Cait and Chris. Keep in communication and we love your input.

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